There’s been a fair bit of moaning going on recently on social media and whilst it’s the norm when you are trying to campaign to make things better, it can drag you down if you let it. My eldest brother, who happens to live in Dubai reminded me that the Brits are fairly good at moaning. Dubai has taken a different approach they actually have a ‘Minister of State for Happiness‘ – Yes they actually do!

The new ministry aims to promote the UAE’s plans, programmes and policies to promote the happiness of the UAE society.

Well this coupled with the Smartdubai website it’s a serious factor when living in Dubai

Measurement is essential to the success of the Happiness Agenda. Through the Happiness Agenda, Smart Dubai will research, formulate and implement a citywide happiness index and a predictive happiness impact score. The Happiness Agenda aims to deliver deep, live and target-driven measurement of satisfaction and happiness levels across the city.

Leading change at the city level, the Happiness Agenda will create and influence policies and approaches to focus the city, and people, on happiness. These evidence-based policies and frameworks will enable city leaders, managers and innovators in the public and private sector to actively influence the happiness of individuals living and working in Dubai.

Supported by sustained discovery and measurement activities, the Happiness Agenda will introduce a Happiness Experience framework for unified city leadership planning using happiness impact forecasting. In the future, city leaders will be able to plan and prioritise new initiatives based on scientifically sound projections of the future happiness of Dubai residents and visitors.

The Happiness Agenda will also implement a series of educational programs, publications and events to build awareness, teach self reflection and influence the city to prioritise happiness. The Happiness Agenda will build and run training and mentorship programs; engage with community organisations and events and create and disseminate content establishing Dubai as a global thought leader on transforming happiness at the city level.


Perhaps it’s time to raise our happiness levels here in the Rochford District!

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