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The Real Risk Of Flooding in Rayleigh


Today I’ve been poking around the Essex County Council website, it’s actually amazing what you find out if you click around for a bit. Some may think it might have been better not to dig around, especially when I came across this page! Does anyone know where I can buy an Ark? What can I […]

Don’t Let Your Kids Outsmart You – Be Cyber Aware!


We often hear residents say that they’d like to see more police on our streets. The reality is resources are limited and the resource they have is spread thinly among many emerging threats. A big shift of their work has moved from being on the beat to ‘patrolling’ the internet. Whilst of course the internet has brought […]

Toilet Leaks


If you’ve been following the Crown Hill toilets saga. this week I have been handed ‘The Masterplan’ – So you know what is happening? I’m publishing the full details here which reveals the full approach and timescales to the future of the toilets. 

The Process and Cost of Consultation


Consultation with the residents is often said to be incredibly difficult. However, it’s no different to marketing a business. You want to tell the potential customers (audience) about what you are doing or selling. You want them to be interested (engaged) and ultimately you want them to buy (respond). So just why do councils struggle […]

Money, Money, Money


Budgeting for the following financial year is undoubtedly an important year. I assume most households run some sort of budget, trying to live within their means. I’ve recently been invited to attend the Rochford District Council ‘budget away day’. As a new councillor I was invited to the same ‘away day’ last year. After attending […]

The Threat of Flooding


This week, Jaywick in Essex was evacuated. This should be a stark reminder of the real threat of flooding that we face across our district. Just a few years ago, flooding caused devastation for families in Rayleigh when their homes were flooded. Our own home too, came under threat. Although not in the news this […]

Why You Won’t Be Breathing Easy Anytime Soon!


We’ve been told on numerous occasions that the air quality in Rayleigh’s AQMA is ‘marginally above the limit’. In this press release made on Tuesday, November 29, 2016 Councillor June Lumley was pictured holding some diffusion tubes. She also had this to say…. And herein lies my problem. I’ve looked at the data for 2016 and […]

I Wonder How This Will Play Out?


Sometimes it’s good to visit a ‘site’ before you discuss it at a council meeting. So today I wondered along to John Fisher Playground, otherwise known as the Grange playground, to see what sort of state it was in. Sometimes you get that kind of heart sinking moments and this was one of them. Whilst […]