Today I’ve been poking around the Essex County Council website, it’s actually amazing what you find out if you click around for a bit. Some may think it might have been better not to dig around, especially when I came across this page!

Does anyone know where I can buy an Ark?

What can I say it’s actually quite scary how many houses in Rayleigh are at risk of flooding. I’ve drilled down on their GIS system and look at this….

Extent 30
1 in 30 years Risk of Flooding
Rayleigh Flood Map
Rayleigh Flood Map (1 in 30 years)

So it won’t happen to me right? Well these maps are 1 in 30 years. Seems like the frequency of the chance of flooding is not something we should ignore.

Personally, Yes I live in the ‘Flood Zone’ – Do I have faith in the council’s flood forum to know something is being done? – Put simply NO! Working as a hydrologist in my former years I’ve seen the devastating power of mother nature and I’m not about to take any risks. I’m taking reasonable steps to protect our home so  I’m off to get some sandbags from Rayleigh Town Council (Yes they offer free sandbags and they are available to all residents).

My fellow Lib Dem Councillor Chris Stanley, has been actively engaged with ECC to have the ditches and drainage systems along the London Road cleared and maintained and I’m very grateful we’ve got such a proactive Councillor on the case. It would seem they have been neglected for some time!
Source  – Essex County Council Flood risk and asset register map

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