Will Our High Street Be Able To ‘Bounce Back’?

September 5, 2020 in News

In the space of a few months, fortunes have changed for many and it could be about to get a whole lot worse. I’ve been saying for some time that our Councils need to more proactive in helping and promoting our High Street before it’s too late.

The reality is, High Streets are on the decline. Everyone knows that online shopping is growing at pace and the battlefield for ‘bricks and mortar’ is greater than ever before.

Previously occupied by Woolworths, now Ask closes it’s doors

In recent weeks, we’ve seen several of Rayleighs retailers close but why have they closed? Is it purely a coinsidence or are they truly a victim of the Covid-19 ‘lockdown’?

Owners in the hospitality trade have probably been hit the hardest with some the longest closures and if they have been unable to adapt to the ‘takeaway’ model, revenue has dried up altogether.

Now, Ask Italian has confirmed that they will not be reopening in Rayleigh (see Echo News report here).

I’ve recently spoken to the Strategic Director at Rochford District Council and suggested that business owners are engaged and that a business survey be carried out to find out what struggles and challenges our businesses face in these uncertain times. Once this information has been obtained, targetted support can be offered. This kind of help, with a number of industry experts ideas, needs quick and decisive action before it is far too late.

Will Pizza Express in Rayleigh be the next victim of the economic crisis?

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James Newport

Essex County Councillor for Rayleigh North, Rochford District Councillor for Downhall & Rawreth and Rayleigh Town Councillor for Sweyne.

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