• Dawn says:

    I have serve health issues and now my little one has been told she is developing the same condition due to the damp and mold in my flat. I have been here over 7 years and still not had the problem solved. Everytime we phone to find out what’s happening we get told we need another inspection to see what can be done. They have received letters from my doctors health visitor and specialist and still nothing.

    • Hi Dawn,

      This is disgraceful. The more we look, the more we wonder, should Rochford District Council have entered into this ‘partnership’?

      If you want us to chase up your case please feel free to contact me in confidence

      Best Wishes


    • Cllr Laureen Shaw says:

      Please advise privately your address and if you are in ,y ward I will take up your case. If you are not in my ward I will pass your issues on to the correct ward councillor

  • Tim Burness says:

    Hi there James.
    I’m glad you found one of my Sanctuary blogs insightful. Since my own dealings with this corporate monster and “registered charity” eight years ago, I have been tracking the endless Sanctuary Group incompetence, lies, cover-ups and general uselessness. The facebook group you refer to now has over 850 members and that is undoubtedly a small fraction of the number of people who have been ripped-off or otherwise appallingly treated by this diabolical organization who make £40-50 million a year. I could go on, but it’s all there on my blogs, along with the hundreds of comments from tenants and others.
    All the best,

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