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Let’s Skate to Success


We had a good start with the register of interest, but we need more signatures. To demonstrate the demand for the Ice Rink this Christmas, I’ve got to show some serious numbers. 1000 signatures is  the target. If I can’t reach this target I’m going to go into meltdown. Please help and share this to […]

The Not So Thorny Side of Politics


It’s may sometimes go unnoticed, but we have a keen army of gardeners at Rayleigh Town Council, who work really hard all year around tending flowerbeds and shrubbery. Our own Cllr Chris Stanley has been out this sunny morning, with his good lady, planting over 100 daff bulbs. Back breaking stuff! If you fancy helping […]

Let’s Get Our Skates On In Rayleigh


I want to get the Town Council to consider the idea of an Ice Rink in Rayleigh over the Christmas period, but need the support of our residents. I’ve create an e-petition here to collect all those names of residents who will support the idea. Once I reach 1000 signatures I will commit to carrying […]

Consumer Complaints


I get pretty fed up when I receive bad service or poor quality goods. With the ever increasing costs of everyday living, we should demand that we receive value for money and ‘get what we pay for’ Today I’ve stumbled upon this website, resolver – it aims to help write good complaints and direct them […]

Not Such A Sanctuary for Some


On Tuesday night I attended RDC Review Committee. One of the items (which I will post more on shortly), involved Sanctuary. Emma Keegan, MD came under fire from Tory Cllr Shaw for it’s poor performance for maintenance of its property portfolio. Silently, I could not avoid agreeing with Cllr Shaw about Sanctuary’s lack of responsiveness. […]

My Idea Has Been Given The Cold Shoulder


Sometimes I have these crazy thoughts about enhancing success. A lot of people strive for success and they want to better themselves. They want to build on what they have achieved. Like buying a house – people move in, you redecorate, you might add a conservatory, you might even build an extension… you want to make […]