Time To Incentivise The Switch To Electric For Taxis In Rayleigh and Rochford?

You may have read recently about the EV charging points being installed for Taxis in Rayleigh and Rochford. But have we missed a trick if we are deadly serious about making this change work?

I wonder should we help motivate the taxi operators to make the switch sooner by reducing their licencing costs for those who drive electric taxis in our District? There will be some pains for EV drivers though, in other countries that have been more progressive, they are already switching to wireless charging. Check out this news article about the change in Norway. Perhaps our Council has been a little slow to realise that tech moves on quickly and they may have adopted old technology.

Given the choice would you choose a taxi operator that offered EV transport over petrol or diesel? Let me know in the comments below

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James Newport

Essex County Councillor for Rayleigh North, Rochford District Councillor for Downhall & Rawreth and Rayleigh Town Councillor for Sweyne.

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