Land North of London Road – First Blood Pt I

Residents have been asking a few questions about the new build on Rawreth Lane so I thought I’d give my views and try to answer some questions.

There is land allocated for a school. Will it be built?
That responsibility lies with Essex County Council. I’ve recently asked our Rayleigh South Essex County Councillor, June Lumley about education provision. I currently await a detailed response.

There is land allocated for potential healthcare. Will it be built?
Again this is down the NHS to determine if there is a requirement. In other areas they have opted for a financial contribution

What upgrades to infrastructure will Rayleigh receive with this development?
• Installing traffic signals at the Down Hall Road / London Road junction
• Provision of improved road markings at the London Hill /Station Road junction
• Signal upgrade to the Victoria Avenue / London Road junction
• Contributions towards a new roundabout at the Rawreth Lane / Hullbridge Road / Hambro Hill junction

This development comes as another example of the typical urban sprawl in our District. In my own view there are no real infrastructure upgrades that will given a meaningful mitigation to the impact of this amount of new housing. The net result of this development will probably result in a higher doctor to patient ratio, more traffic on our roads, higher air pollution, increased class sizes in local schools (we’ve already heard how some aren’t even able to get a school place in our town).

For me personally I think this kind of development is short sighted and doesn’t work in the interest for many local people. It can be argued that we need more housing in our town as those who grow up wish to move out of home but the reality for many will be simply be that these homes will be unaffordable. The affordable & shared ownership homes have been placed along the Eastern edge of the site directly adjacent to the busy industrial road leading to Makros, waste transfer site and other industrial areas. It oozes of poor layout and creates a clear ‘segmentation’ between ‘private’ and ‘social’ housing. It lacks any real infrastructure and is a property developers dream, maximising return with very little in the way of contributions to the community.

Be prepared for those who commute to sit in traffic jams that are that little bit longer or struggle to find a seat on our, already over crowded trains. The car parks at the station will be at increased level of demand as this site isn’t really within walking distance – I don’t suppose anyone ever considered a shuttle bus to serve the station?

Site Layout Showing Affordable/Shared Ownership Location on the Eastern Part of the Site (Click to enlarge)

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About the author 

James Newport

Essex County Councillor for Rayleigh North, Rochford District Councillor for Downhall & Rawreth and Rayleigh Town Councillor for Sweyne.

  • The first impact of this Site will be at Bedloes Corner
    (A1245/Rawreth Lane), where Construction traffic for this development will be competing with the same volume of Construction traffic serving the Hullbridge
    500 Site ( 5>10years overall ). Turning right into/out of the Macro Rd will not help Rawreth Lane either…. .

    All these issues ( inc School/Surgery ) were cited in many of the Public Consultation responses along the
    way – do not see them listening now either……Jim.

    • Jim – favourite word for RDC and the Conservatives ‘statutory’ = do minimum required. As long as their ‘friends’ at ECC Highways are happy to sign it off they’ll merrily nod their heads in agreement even if it defies all logic and reason – they are afraid to challenge

      • Exactly why we have recently switched our target to ECC ( the recent meet I told you about ) – where we tabled suggestions for Bedloes Corner ( tried Countryside but they won’t talk to us…… )- Jim.

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