May 15

Back In The Saddle


Last night I attended the Rochford District Council, Annual Council. I was pleasantly surprised to be welcomed back on to the Council by (the now leader) Cllr Mike Steptoe amongst by many members, which I was hugely grateful for.

I’d also like to personally welcome, Cllr Mike Wilkinson, who I’m expecting great things of (no pressure Mike!) – I met Mike, a few months ago, after the formation of the Rayleigh Residents Association and I admire his enthusiasm – something which appears to be in short supply on our Council, so I’m hoping he will help breathe some life back into it!

It doesn’t really feel like I’ve been ‘away’ for long with a year being a short hiatus, which was probably a blessing, given that last year was a particularly rough time for my wife, who is of constant support for me and whom without, I’d be floundering.

Now back to business, I have already begun work to look at several issues that residents have shown concern about. One of those, is the prosperity of our High Street and I await details from the council on the application made for ‘The Future High Street Funds

I will report more as soon as possible


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