New calls for more CCTV to stop criminals

New calls for more CCTV to stop criminals

Rayleigh residents have called for more CCTV cameras in the town to thwart petty “scumbag” criminals instead of relying on police officers.

Campaigner Linda Kendall posted in the Rayleigh Action Group saying crime and antisocial behaviour wasn’t being dealt with sufficiently by hard-pressed police and people should overcome their fears of being spied on by cameras in order to tackle the problem.

She said: “I know some people will scream that they are frightened of a ‘big brother’ society but isn’t it time we considered high definition cameras on the entrances to our towns and villages?

“Most criminals that are responsible for burglaries and thefts use vehicles to carry their loot.”

Ms Kendall added: “Gone are the days of the swag bag with a few possessions these are serious invaders of peoples homes stealing cars etc.

“Perhaps then the victims could be given access to the cameras, to try identify their cars to check, if the police claim they haven’t the time.

“Those scumbags need punishing. If convicted they should have their names and photographs plastered all round town.

“Sod worrying their families.”

Lesley Butcher, chairman of Rochford District Council said she wasn’t convinced more cameras were the answer.

She said: “As a resident,I’d like to see more police rather than CCTV.

“Crime is quite low in our district, one of the lowest in the country.”

Ms Butcher added: “People like to have CCTV and it can be quite useful but having CCTV on its own is not sufficient as it has to be monitored.”

Other members of the Rayleigh Action Group agreed with having more cameras installed in different places.

Sean Barlow said: “Not just burglaries, but antisocial behaviour as well.

“Also, add railway and bus stations to that, as not all the criminals that are committing the crimes are old enough to drive.”

Patricia Cox said she agreed with Ms KendalI “101 per cent”.

Paul J Goodey said: “There is Automatic Number Plate Recognition equipment on most principal routes around Rayleigh.

“The authorities can’t or won’t pursue every crime.

“Be careful what you wish for.”

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James Newport

Essex County Councillor for Rayleigh North, Rochford District Councillor for Downhall & Rawreth and Rayleigh Town Councillor for Sweyne.

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