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A Ghoulish Meeting


There was a ghoulish meeting last night at Rayleigh Town Council. It would appear that no less than 5 of the (non-political) Conservative members had complained about this article in the Echo Newspaper, prompting a discussion to review standing orders on speaking to the press. For those unfamiliar the policy, which it seems some Councillors are, […]

The Wrong Type of Medicine


Bureaucrats at the NHS are seemingly coming up with further radical ways of attempting to save money. This time the target is on how to free up beds in hospitals by effectively ‘outsourcing’ the care required. It’s been reported from various news outlets, such as this BBC report, that Southend Hospital was to pilot “plans for patients […]

Update on the Mid and South Essex Success Regime


One item on the agenda at last nights full council meeting was To receive a presentation from Dr Celia Skinner, Chief Medical Officer for the three NHS Hospital Trusts, Southend, Basildon and Broomfield, providing an update on the latest plans to reconfigure and redesign hospital services across the three sites to meet growing demands and […]

547 Days Later……. (Tesco’s)


There may be a glimmer of light at the end of a very long tunnel for Vernon Avenue residents. Last week I spoke to a surveyor for Tesco’s who was there for the long-awaited reconfiguration of the car park. Since being elected in May 2016, I have relentlessly chased Rochford District Council to get this issue resolved. […]

Public Toilets – Pt II


The public toilets issue continues with the Echo Newspaper picking up the story today. Thanks to Echo reporter, Hsin-yi who did a wonderful job of pulling the article together from our information. As you can see from the Echo News website, the piece has gained a lot of attention from readers, who are equally as disgusted […]

The Final Flush – Crown Hill Toilets


Monday night’s Rayleigh Town Council Full Council meeting was a discussion amongst other matters about Crown Hill Public Toilets. (Item 19)We had spent the afternoon discussing with the Town Clerk that this item SHOULD NOT be in private & confidential as it was in the public interest, however it was feared by the Clerk that […]