£2bn For Cycle Lanes & Sustainable Transport

As group leader for the Lib Dems, I've been having meetings with the Managing Director, Leader of the Council and other minority leaders since the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak. We've been putting forward the views of group members and residents on our Councils response to Covid-19 and trying our best to influence our Councils response.

On todays 'Zoom' meeting, one of the issues I raised was the announcement of the £2bn for sustaintable transport improvements. I have asked the Managing Director to be proactive in calling for funding for our district to create and improve, safe cycleways and footpaths. I have suggested that we take advantage of some our exisiting wider footpaths such as the one on Rawreth Lane and continue the short existing shared cycleway along to the Hullbridge roundabout. We could then see a joined up cycleway all the way from Hullbridge to Rawreth - that would make a pleasant evening ride down to the river and Hullbridge residents would be able to cycle to the Leisure Centre and Asda - just one route that could be looked at.  

There is a significant opportunity to seek sustainable transport improvements in our district and I for one will be actively pursuing these where possible. Just as business will re-evaluate on whether it needs all its employees in office space, it's time for us to re-evaluate our use of the private car, I've never seen so many people using our footpaths as over the last 7 weeks and I think it's great to see so many out discovering the surroundings that are often just a blur as they pass them in the car.

 I hope the Government move swiftly towards to legalising the use of e-scooters as well. Used in a safe and responsible manner they will be no more dangerous than a cyclist. I for one will swap out using my car for those short local journeys to an e-scooter, no more parking problems, no more pollution, no more sitting in traffic.. yes I'm already sold on the idea.

For those that missed it here's the announcement from Government on the cycle and walk to work plan.

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James Newport

Essex County Councillor for Rayleigh North, Rochford District Councillor for Downhall & Rawreth and Rayleigh Town Councillor for Sweyne.

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