Archive Monthly Archives: March 2020

Fundraising For Residents In Need


We are raising money to set up a hardship fund for local residents across the Rochford District who may be financially stretched due to the economic effect of the Coronavirus. We are asking for donations so that we may offer members of the community the support of a  small financial sum. Payments will be £25.00 […]

MP Mark Francois Bulldozes Over Essex County Council Highways Credibility and Chastises Property Developers


Yesterday in the House of Commons, MP Mark Francois launched a scathing attack on Essex County Council and property developers operations in Rayleigh. In his speech MP Mark Francois referred to ‘an unhealthy cosy relationship between the highways officers and the developers (4:32)’ and lambasted developers for failing to respond adequately to his requests to […]

Developing A Disaster On Our Highways


With the development of 47 dwellings now underway, residents are now experiencing the effects of this planning application on London Road for another 47 dwellings. It’s a development that I couldn’t support knowing that the chaos it would not only bring to our highways during the construction phase but the additional impact that it will […]