Sweyne Park & Grange Has Fallen


Yesterdays election saw me lose my seat on the district council for Sweyne Park & Grange. A disappointing result for me, after 2 years of a ‘full on’ approach to my role and a huge amount of passion and dedication to the role. However, this is politics and National issues can have an effect on local elections, maybe I am just a ‘victim’ of Brexit? Who knows what happened?

There are lessons to be learned from these elections and once I have taken stock of the situation, will decide on how best to continue to represent residents. I am after all, only 42 years old and have time on my side (by the grace of god) to work my way through this and on to my next challenge.

I have been lucky to have support from my wife, my family, friends & residents who all put their faith in me. I am very grateful to all who helped me get this far, for me the journey has only just begun.

To be continued………


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  • Steve Tellis says:

    Devastating result of course, but let’s acknowledge the fantastic work of the last 2 years, residents problems solved, major issues tackled, genuine progress made. No ordinary term by any means. The result remains a mystery….

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