Employer or Employee? Get the Right Advice


Small businesses don’t always have their own ‘HR department’ so a quick tip that I wanted to share with readers of my blog that the ACAS service is a really useful resource which offers advice the Furlough scheme and all other COVID-19 issues. Many employees will be anxious about returning to work and employers may […]

Plan to Fail, Fail to Plan


Now for those that don’t know, I’ve built part of my career on the failure of computer systems and a lot of it, on building resilient systems. So it’s only been natural for me to ask questions of the leadership on how they intend to deal and mitigate with problems that remote meetings (via the […]

£2bn For Cycle Lanes & Sustainable Transport


As group leader for the Lib Dems, I’ve been having meetings with the Managing Director, Leader of the Council and other minority leaders since the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak. We’ve been putting forward the views of group members and residents on our Councils response to Covid-19 and trying our best to influence our Councils response. On todays […]

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


The Good… Well done to two fine examples of local business, (although I’m sure there are many more, let me know here) our local hardware store here in Rayleigh, Hickeys, who has been working hard to source and supply PPE for frontline workers and who set up a jigsaw exchange to help keep people entertained! […]

A Vision of Future Meetings


I wanted to share a vision of future meetings that I have with residents. We’ve been told that we must find the new norm of how we live and embracing the vision of the future, I have asked questions of both the District Council and Rayleigh Town Council about how they will operate ‘remote’ meetings. […]

Fundraising For Residents In Need


We are raising money to set up a hardship fund for local residents across the Rochford District who may be financially stretched due to the economic effect of the Coronavirus. We are asking for donations so that we may offer members of the community the support of a  small financial sum. Payments will be £25.00 […]

MP Mark Francois Bulldozes Over Essex County Council Highways Credibility and Chastises Property Developers


Yesterday in the House of Commons, MP Mark Francois launched a scathing attack on Essex County Council and property developers operations in Rayleigh. In his speech MP Mark Francois referred to ‘an unhealthy cosy relationship between the highways officers and the developers (4:32)’ and lambasted developers for failing to respond adequately to his requests to […]