April 20

Exclusive First Look at Crown Hill New Public Toilets


Long time readers on the Rayleigh public toilet saga will know that I’m no superfan of the decisions made around the new toilets for the town centre. I’ve baulked at the cost of the Rochford District Councils £365,000 toilet project along with many residents and the cost shifting to Rayleigh Town Council.

The new toilets for Crown Hill are of a modular nature and have been constructed offsite. Here’s an exclusive first look at what you will see when they are finally installed.

Residents will have to wait though to test out the new facilities as there has been a delay due to an ‘oversight’ that the road will need to be closed for a crane to lift them into place and telephone lines moved….. just a slight oversight!


Rayleigh, Rayleigh Town Council, Rochford District Council

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  • £365,000 for a toilet block , a brand new 2 bedroom house with 2 toilets can be brought in Rochford for £320,000 it might be a bit far to spend a penny but 365k wow.

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