Another Mistake With Our Public Toilets Ignoring Accessibility For All

Changing Places Toilets

I’m glad to see a report from the BBC today about ‘Changing Places Toilets’ It says

Changing Places toilets are bigger disabled toilets with a hoist, a changing bed and more space around the toilet for someone who needs assistance.
The UK government wants to make these toilets mandatory in new large public buildings.
Fiona from Bolton who has muscular dystrophy and Lorna from North Lincolnshire tell the BBC’s Ellis Palmer why such toilets are necessary for them to do the things many take for granted.

I raised this issue with Rayleigh Town Council in 2017 when they were looking at taking over the public toilets from Rochford District Council. However, my views were… errrmm flushed down the toilet!

Now, Rayleigh Town Council, are looking at a new project to change the public toilet layout in King George V pavilion. I’m doubtful consideration has been taken for ‘Changing Places Toilets’ – I have asked for details though of plans and budgets which I await a response.

Want to know more about ‘Changing Places Toilets’? Then click here to go to their website

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