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Traffic Chaos Adds To Economic Destruction For Our District


Our local economy is surely suffering from the devastating effects of the unprecedented congestion on our roads? Traders are already struggling in ever-increasing tough trading conditions and at what is traditionally a ‘slow’ time of year, I have heard several reports of businesses really struggling to keep their heads above water. Shoppers are avoiding our […]

Road Chaos In And Around Rayleigh


Today I have written to Countryside to ask as to when the temporary traffic lights will be removed from Rawreth Lane. Due to some seriously bad planning by Essex County Council, all these developments have come ‘on stream’ at the same time and is causing chaos for us all. I hope to have an update […]

Lighting Our Footpaths


What do residents think about installing lighting along this stretch of Sweyne Park bridle track? Basically from the top of Victoria Avenue to Priory Chase? Let me know in the comment below please or if there are other footpaths you think where lighting could be added or improved.

Funding CCTV In Our Town


Just 4 years ago, this article was published by BBC news highlighting the vast swathes of cuts to CCTV budgets across the UK. In 2019 some residents in Rayleigh feel that we need CCTV to help reduce crime and improve community safety. The article goes into detail why CCTV budgets were an easy target for […]

Housing, Homes & Homelessness


Inspired by 100 years of social housing I thought I’d have a look at what we can be proud of here in the Rochford District (or not). Each quarter I receive a report from the housing team at Rochford District Council. I thought it was well worth sharing some of the ‘highlights’ of the report […]