Travellers Update


Recently we were invited to participate in a ‘Travellers Summit’ with fellow Councillors, Officers and MP Mark Francois. Prior to attending this meeting I invited residents to send me questions so I could responses from officers. I duly passed on these comments and I was angered by the response I received. Sorry in my delay […]

Update: Travellers At Rayleigh Leisure Centre


When will the travellers leave the site?  Unless the leave on their own accord, officers from Rochford District Council have informed me that the matter is now in the hands of its legal team to follow the legal process to remove the travellers from the site. This could potentially take slightly longer than normal due to […]

Update on Travellers


Rochford District Council have issued this press release September 3, 2019Unauthorised Travellers leave site in the district.Rochford District Council can confirm that Travellers who had taken up illegal encampment at Priory Chase, Rayleigh have now vacated the site.Whilst it is not clear where they have moved to, there are no reports of them elsewhere in […]