• Autumn 2017 e-FOCUS is out!

    Our team has been out busy delivering our Focus leaflets in the Sweyne Park & Grange Ward and Down Hall & Rawerth. However, since we are a progressive party….. you can read our e-Focus (our online edition) which is available here for Sweyne Park & Grange.

  • Meeting the needs of our residents with affordable housing

    There must be more that we can do to meet the needs of residents with affordable housing right? Well today on my journey home from London, I read this article.

    If you want to skip to the interesting part - the article discusses Community Land Trusts. Is this the way forward for to help people get their foot on to the property ladder at realistic prices?

    More information on Community Land Trusts here - http://www.communitylandtrusts.org.uk/

  • Toilet Petition Now Live!

    Not being one to give up so easily, there is a petition now live on the council's website. You can find the petition by clicking the button below.

    With over 300 signatures already added we need a further 1200 to get a debate in full council, where Councillors will be forced to explain the logic (if there is any!) and the costs of £330k that the taxpayer will foot.

    Do you know a friend, relative or neighbour who doesn't have internet access? No bother! Some of our local businesses are holding paper petitions for people to sign. Full details below.

    Hicke​y's DIY, 9 London Rd ,Rayleigh SS6 9AX

    Ashley Knotts Barbershop, 221 London Rd, Rayleigh SS6 9DN, UK

  • Save Southend 1 – NHS Success Regime 0

    Save Southend A&E have scored an epic victory over the NHS Success Regime, with a U turn on the downgrade of Southend A&E, it is a victory for this campaign group that should be admired. Undoubtedly without this well organised group, the plans would have slipped through and we’d be none the wiser until the deal had been done.

    I like to think that some of us Councillors at Rochford District Council played a small part in this U turn. A group of opposition Councillors (including myself) put forward a motion to have the NHS give a presentation to full council on the future plans. This was led by an Independent Councillor, John Mason and I can only hope that this helped Save Southend by giving Dr Howard a platform to give her strong views against the proposals.

    Politically it was quite amusing in some ways to watch the Conservative group in shock of what they were being told when it was their masters forcing further cuts to the NHS that brought forward these plans. When will they learn that austerity has gone too far?

    Now we watch and wait for further plans for cost saving measures. We will continue to support Save Southend A&E group and keep our residents informed of future developments.

    VIVA Save Southend A&E !!

    Want to know more about the campaign? Then click here to be taken to ALL the information you would ever need about this disastrous proposal

  • Fed Up Motorists Get Nailed Again

    As my brother often reminds me when I mention the cost of running a car, that it’s “the joy of motoring”, however Rayleigh residents have had no joy recently with the damage to a lot of residents tyres caused by nails left on one particular cut through. On numerous occasions, Station Cresent has had nails left in the road to purposely damage drivers tyres.

    Image Courtesy of Google

    It seemed the police were slow to react and the culprit has yet to be caught, however, whether the Echo’s report of it being ‘yobs’ is accurate remains unknown.

    It seemed the police were slow to react and the culprit has yet to be caught, however, whether the Echo’s report of it being ‘yobs’ is accurate remains unknown.

    Reported in the Echo

  • Could a Youth Market Come to Rayleigh?

    This week whilst working I came across this innovative idea from Basildon Council. A youth market for aspiring entrepreneurs for people aged 13 to 25. What an awesome idea to find our next generation of shop keepers and small business owners. It’s a really exciting idea that this could give the younger generation a platform to showcase their ideas and talents. I’ve already been in touch with our town clerk to see if we too, could accommodate this idea in Rayleigh. I for one would love to see this happen in Rayleigh. I know there are youngsters out there just waiting to be given the chance to show their entrepreneurial side!

  • Who, Where, When & How? – My Ward Work

    Do you want to know what I’ve been up to? Here’s a map showing the ward (hard) work I’ve been carrying out. I’ll be adding more information over the course of time.

  • Survey

    Rayleigh Residents Survey 2017 is now LIVE!

    The Lib Dems are always ready to listen to the residents to find out what you think is good, bad or could do with improving. We’re launching our Residents Survey 2017 so you can tell us more. Please take 5 minutes to complete the survey.

  • Time to pull the chain on Crown Hill toilets

    There has been a great deal of discussion about the public toilets across the Rochford District. It would appear that the district council didn’t have the financial acumen to make the maintenance of the toilets cost effective in the long term. So it has now successfully had the ‘deal’ waved (voted) through by Rayleigh Town Council to ‘offload’ the financial burden. (many members of the town council are portfolio holders for the district council too!)

    With the only resistance coming from the opposition (Lib Dems and Rayleigh Independents) it would appear the Tories have managed to saddle the Town Council (and the tax payer) with a 10-year lease on the maintenance of a new block of unisex toilets next to the existing site. The costs to maintain this new block have been budgeted at £20k per year to maintain, although the council has not put the contract out to tender at the time of writing so, in fact, is unsure of costs!

    I have expressed to the council that a break clause should be put in the contract to between RTC and RDC for the lease on these toilets. In a 10 year period, the shape of the high street can dramatically change. Will there be such a demand in 5 years for public toilets when they are not used for the night time economy?

    I’m finding this deal very difficult to swallow knowing that the MAIN reason is so they (RDC) can shift this cost from their balance sheet onto the Town Council and the taxpayer is subject to possible further increases in council tax to pay for this facility.

    Personally, I’d like to flush this whole idea down the pan – we will see whether this get’s past the investment board at their next meeting


  • Just a quick note….

    Have been out with my fellow ward councillor this evening making sure residents who don’t have access to the internet or social media, are kept informed of what’s going on in our area. It’s good to work with  another councillor who is as equally as passionate about representing the people who elected us.

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