The Wrong Type of Medicine

Bureaucrats at the NHS are seemingly coming up with further radical ways of attempting to save money. This time the target is on how to free up beds in hospitals by effectively ‘outsourcing’ the care required.

It’s been reported from various news outlets, such as this BBC report, that Southend Hospital was to pilot “plans for patients to recuperate in people’s homes as part of an Airbnb-style trial”

This immediately sparked huge concerns and has been swiftly retracted by Southend Hospital who have effectively tried to distance themselves from ‘the angry mob’

The NHS is overstretched – I don’t think we can argue with that, but what we must not compromise on is the safety of patients. This not so clever idea, is clearly not what the doctor ordered and I’m glad Southend Hospital will rethink its strategy, once again!


Save Southend 1 – NHS Success Regime 0

Save Southend A&E have scored an epic victory over the NHS Success Regime, with a U turn on the downgrade of Southend A&E, it is a victory for this campaign group that should be admired. Undoubtedly without this well organised group, the plans would have slipped through and we’d be none the wiser until the deal had been done.

I like to think that some of us Councillors at Rochford District Council played a small part in this U turn. A group of opposition Councillors (including myself) put forward a motion to have the NHS give a presentation to full council on the future plans. This was led by an Independent Councillor, John Mason and I can only hope that this helped Save Southend by giving Dr Howard a platform to give her strong views against the proposals.

Politically it was quite amusing in some ways to watch the Conservative group in shock of what they were being told when it was their masters forcing further cuts to the NHS that brought forward these plans. When will they learn that austerity has gone too far?

Now we watch and wait for further plans for cost saving measures. We will continue to support Save Southend A&E group and keep our residents informed of future developments.

VIVA Save Southend A&E !!

Want to know more about the campaign? Then click here to be taken to ALL the information you would ever need about this disastrous proposal