Why I’m Not Average

I just happened to stumble across the “National Census of Local Authority Councillors 2013” today and what I found made for very interesting reading.

  • 67% of Councillors are male
  • Councillors have an average age of 60.2 with Councillors aged over 70 increasing
  • Just 19.2% of Councillors are in full-time employment
  • 96% are of white ethnic origin

How can this be truly representative of our community and why don’t more residents come forward and stand as candidates?

Isn’t it about time we had a broader cross-section of the community representing residents views?

I have been a Councillor for nearly 2 years and intend on standing again in May. I see myself as bucking the trend, being a young 41 years old, but I would still love to see more women and younger people stand as candidates.

So if you want to know more feel free to get in touch with me


Election Countdown


The past two years for me has been a whirlwind of activity. A steep learning curve and a lot of work. I've attended countless meetings, spoken to many residents, campaigned on local issues and kept a close eye on those 'secret' decisions being made by the Conservatives behind closed doors.

It's hasn't been an easy ride for us Lib Dems, particularly with the loss of our leader, late last year. However, we continue, as always, to remain committed to giving our residents a voice and taking a common sense approach to decision making. I hope residents will support me going forward and are safe in the knowledge that I will always act in their interests first. 

Read All About It!!!!!

Occasionally, I get to celebrate a success and I’ve been doing just that since the by-election in Downhall & Rawreth. Our candidate, Craig Cannell, was elected with a huge vote share of 77%. My joy, not one of beating the Tories (which is high on my list) but also that we have a Councillor that I think will do great things for his residents. He’s young, intelligent and cares about local issues. I hope that he will help us ‘connect’ with our younger residents too and show them that politics doesn’t have to be boring. Here’s to a new era….

Check out our election report here

Holy Hustings!

If tonight’s hustings audience was representative of Rayleigh & Wickford then I don’t think Mark Francois would retain his seat….

however, I fear this will not be the case. It would appear the audience was not on side and Mr Francois was only being supported by his over protective, front row, con club members. Like proud parents at the Christmas production, the Tory sheep lined the front rows of the Holy Trinty church for the hustings. However this had little impact of the mood of the evening which showed strong support for our Lib Dem candidate, Ron Tindall & the Labour candidate. The Green Party candidate although at times showed some inexperience held his own too.

It has to be said that some Tory party members (district councillors) felt that they held some authority on the evening with outbursts from the audience on how the debate should be run. This were quite unwelcomed.

The evening started with a question about defence. Policing and Nuclear deterrent were thrown into the mix, some may have thought that this was Labours Achilles heel, but Mark Daniels (Lab) handled it well. Ron Tindall (Lib Dem) handled the question better with a good take on Theresa Mays inability to make a decision in a timely manner!

The next question tackled the issue of social care. A hot topic to be discussed. Mark Francois, regurgitated the party line with Ron Tindall (Lib Dem) quickly pulling the Tory policy apart due to the fact that there is no cap on what the Tories will steal from you.

more to follow…….


May 4th was a good day for the Tories across the country as we saw a tsunami of Tory wins at County Councils. Essex County Council was no different and our own Lib Dems in Rayleigh saw defeat after much campaigning we just didn’t do enough to persuade voters that we could be the liferaft that saved them from NHS Cuts, Cuts to education, Air Pollution, Pot Holes, Congestion….

The turnout figures in Rayleigh North and Rayleigh South were 36% and 32% respectively. To give an idea of how the parties each faired here is a breakdown of the percentage share of the vote each party took.