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The Fight to Stop Over Development Continues


At a time when Councils are cash strapped and the Tory austerity still bites hard, somebody (and it wasn’t us) has called for an expensive by election in Downhall & Rawreth. We’ll leave you to guess who it was! You may even notice that other opposition groups are not standing – they too think this […]

Satire Aid Reaches Kids Less Fortunate


I can across this post on Facebook – a toy drive from kids less fortunate and in poverty. It allows you to donate a gift from Amazon. It’s as easy as click a couple of buttons and can make a big difference to those in need.     Our Satire Aid appeal has reached £25,000 worth […]

Mr Snowman


Great to see lots of families out enjoying the snow today, I came across lot’s on snowmen on my way from London Road to Asda. Here’s a particularly delightful one that I bumped into.

Do You Want To Build a Snowman?


Totally unrelated and non political post….. if we get snow, while everyone else is panic buying bread and milk you’ll find me over at Sweyne Park building my own Olaf. He’s soooo cool Meanwhile if you’ve got to get some place and you want to track Essex County Councils gritters…..  

Social Media Silence


Rochford DIstrict Council has decided that it’s time the Social Media Policy for Members gets an update. What does this mean for us Councillors? Well, if you don’t use social media then probably, not a lot. For those of us that are more ‘connected’ the amended policy raises all sorts of problems. The first of […]

Readers’ letters: Contempt over more homes in Rochford


Readers’ letters: Contempt over more homes in Rochford Readers’ letters: Contempt over more homes in Rochford I read the report ‘Rochford can’t cope with 7,500 homes’ on page 4 of Thursday’s edition of the Echo and, for the first time ever, felt I had to write in response. It does not surprise me that […]