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Join Us


When I joined the Lib Dems back in 2015 I wasn’t too sure if they’d be the ‘right fit’ for me. Now 18 months later, I’m a Lib Dem District & Town Councillor representing residents in Rochford & Rayleigh. As a ‘younger’ member of society, they were the only party for me that was dynamic […]

A Few Words from the Managing Director


A number of us local councillors run blogs in our spare time, as an aim to keep the wider public informed of our actions, intentions and views. So it is interesting to see that the MD of Rochford District Council has now decided to write a blog. One of his first blog posts is about […]

Bloomin’ Well Done


Rayleigh Town Council, celebrates this year winning the Gold Award for Anglia in Bloom. You have to admire the determination of some of our Councillors to keep going after this award and this year their only bloomin’ gone and done it! It’s great too, to see such a positive response from residents on social media […]

Travellers Move on to Cherry Orchard Park


The Echo News reports here, that 4 caravans have moved on to Cherry Orchard Park. Not long ago, we faced the same problem here in Sweyne Park & Grange Ward but with a much larger number of travellers taking up residence on Grange playing fields. This caused a great deal of concern from residents with […]

Participation Not Required (By Some)


Politics can be cruel, it can be kind, but it can be disappointing too. I often have a wry smile when I attend District Council meetings. For they are the meetings when participation is not required by some it seems. The administration appear to have some voices that are not to be heard. Some faces […]

Police Crime Commissioner is put in the dock by Councillors


Last nigh Essex Police Crime Commissioner, Roger Hirst, gave a briefing to District and Parish Councillors in the Rochford District. The council chamber was fairly full (rather like Southend Police Cells! More on that later) and attended by 13 opposition members and just 9 Conservative members.  The presentation started with a brief slide show from Roger […]

Poisoned Playgrounds


There’s a killer lurking outside of our children’s playground across the Rochford District and residents don’t currently have the comfort of knowing it’s not about to get into the playgrounds. Why? there is absolutely NO air monitoring data outside of school playgrounds in the Rochford District.  That is why the Lib Dems, Rochford Residents & […]

Autumn 2017 e-FOCUS is out!


Our team has been out busy delivering our Focus leaflets in the Sweyne Park & Grange Ward and Down Hall & Rawerth. However, since we are a progressive party….. you can read our e-Focus (our online edition) which is available here for Sweyne Park & Grange.

Back to Hydrology


Years ago, I spent some time working as a hydrologist for Institute of Hydrology – so last nights training session on SuDS was of interest to me. However, the value of the training session was questionable for many Councillors. Of course, in theory, well-designed schemes should relieve flooding, but as Cllr Chris Black discusses in […]