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Toilet Petition Now Live!


Not being one to give up so easily, there is a petition now live on the council’s website. You can find the petition by clicking the button below. I WANT TO SIGN THE PETITION With over 300 signatures already added we need a further 1200 to get a debate in full council, where Councillors will […]

Another Idea Down The Toilet


So what am I talking about? Well there has been ongoing discussion about the closure of the public toilets across the district. RDC wants to save money (again) and this time it’s eyed up the public toilets as a means to save a penny. However, not only have they eyed up the toilets as a […]

Save Southend 1 – NHS Success Regime 0


Save Southend A&E have scored an epic victory over the NHS Success Regime, with a U turn on the downgrade of Southend A&E, it is a victory for this campaign group that should be admired. Undoubtedly without this well organised group, the plans would have slipped through and we’d be none the wiser until the […]

Muddy Puddles


Walking through Sweyne Park bridle track yesterday, reminded me of this Peppa Pig story. Muddy puddles were definitely to be found and I wondered how many residents are discouraged by the amount of water that this part of the track seems to hold. I wish they would level this out as it’s a great cut […]

Fed Up Motorists Get Nailed Again


As my brother often reminds me when I mention the cost of running a car, that it’s “the joy of motoring”, however Rayleigh residents have had no joy recently with the damage to a lot of residents tyres caused by nails left on one particular cut through. On numerous occasions, Station Cresent has had nails […]