I am one of your 3 District Councillor's for Sweyne Park & Grange Ward and your Town Councillor for Victoria. Please feel free to contact me about any local issues that are of concern to you using the contact page. I am here to serve the residents and I will work hard to make our community a better place for all.

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  • Let it Flow

    Good news for local residents, finally after nearly a year, Essex County Council have cleared the ditch that runs along London Road (A1245). Lib Dem Cllr Chris Stanley had spoken to engineers about the problem with overgrown vegetation in the ditch and the flood issues that could be associated with it, last year. Now with the ditch cleared, hopefully the ditch will flow better reducing the flood risk.

    Another success story for us Rayleigh Lib Dem’s and local residents.

  • Timber Grove – Refused

    Echo reports here

  • Video Killed the….. Tories

    Being the young, dynamic and innovative party that we are....ahem we've produced a 60 second video with our candidate Craig Cannell for the by election on 18th January - so if you live in Downhall & Rawreth please have a watch, if you're struggling to keep up with my wittering on watch the second video...

  • Time to act on empty homes

    We call on Rochford District Council to make use of the funding from Government to bring empty homes back into use. It’s time that more is done to tackle homelessness locally.

    Time to act on empty homes


    Our local Conservative council has failed to take up funding from the Government to help bring empty homes back into use – with 422 homes vacant and more than 91 of these homes in Rochford have stood empty for five years or more.

    I think it’s time the Council did something about that and used those houses to tackle homelessness. If you agree, will you sign this petition today

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    Thank you for joining our campaign to bring empty homes in Rochford District back into use.

    Will you do one more thing to help our campaign succeed by sharing it on social media?

  • More Housing for London Road?

    Onlinefocus reports that there is an application for an additional 83 dwellings on London Road at the Timber Grove site.

    If I hear one more resident mention congestion……

  • Brave Frontline NHS Staff Speakout

    When you read this post you really do have to wonder why anyone would vote Tory…. I just can’t fatham it


  • Disabled Residents Left Housebound By Sanctuary Housing

    Last year I wrote a couple of post’s about Sanctuary Housing and their lack of responsiveness when it came to maintenance issues in their properties. Following on from these posts, I was invited along for a meeting with Ms Emma Keegan to discuss these matters. I accepted Ms Keegan’s invitation to try and find out what was going on.

    Ms Keegan provided some reassurance during our meetings that matters that residents had raised with me were being addressed (some of these related to fire doors and other safety measures) – unfortunately, some residents now find themselves ‘housebound’ due to Sanctuary’s failure to repair the only lift in the building since 10th December 2017. I’ve heard the excuse that they rely on a contractor to fix the issue, but ultimately the residents pay their rent to Sanctuary and a large organisation like Sanctuary should choose their suppliers better if they are ‘not up to the job’

    I don’t think it’s an unfair expectation to have a working lift in the building when some of the residents are (a) elderly (b) disabled.

    I’ve contacted Sanctuary a number of times on this matter, already and have to say, like their maintenance, the response isn’t (a) the quickest (b) satisfactory – No resident should feel like a prisoner in their own home and I find the whole situation unpalatable.

    Hear what the residents have to say about this situation on BBC Essex Radio

  • The Fight to Stop Over Development Continues

    At a time when Councils are cash strapped and the Tory austerity still bites hard, somebody (and it wasn’t us) has called for an expensive by election in Downhall & Rawreth. We’ll leave you to guess who it was! You may even notice that other opposition groups are not standing – they too think this by election is unnecessary and would of been better to have been held in May with the scheduled elections.

    Any Tory influence in Downhall & Rawreth would be an impending disaster for West Rayleigh, with so many sites put forward for development the green belt would be desimated in just a few short years. Our infrastructure is already creaking and the Tory Councillors elected at District and County level, have done nothing to even begin to remedy the situation.

    Craig Cannell our Lib Dem candidate, is as passionate about stopping overdevelopment as the rest of the Lib Dem team. He spent a lot of time with the late Cllr Chris Black campaigning and getting to grips with the issues that Rayleigh and Rochford District residents face.

    Craig will be canvassing, with the rest of the team shortly, so please take the opportunity to get to know him better.

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