Independent Business – A Sector In Crisis


Recently I’ve been collaborating with ‘business experts’ and have been involved in writing a 5 point plan to support independent businesses at this time of crisis. Today the plan has been published and sent to the Government in the hope that they will use monies returned from ‘big businesses’ who did not need Government support […]

Why I’m Supporting Small Business Saturday


There could never be a better time to support our small businesses than today. Many have been forced closed for a long time during the two lockdown periods and lost vital sales on the lead up to Christmas, while still having to pay their overheads. The hospitality trade has especially been hit hard by the lockdown, […]

Travellers Update


Recently we were invited to participate in a ‘Travellers Summit’ with fellow Councillors, Officers and MP Mark Francois. Prior to attending this meeting I invited residents to send me questions so I could responses from officers. I duly passed on these comments and I was angered by the response I received. Sorry in my delay […]

Got A Ring Doorbell? Then You’ll Want to Read This…


Social media is awash with videos of that strange person on driveways or that shady looking character ‘delivering’ a package. Many have taken to installing a Ring Doorbell or similar wireless doorbells with integrated video capture, as an alternative to CCTV. But not so fast, if you’ve installed the wireless version then think again. The […]

Accessibility To Public Services for Everyone


The accessibility regulations aim to help make sure online public services are accessible to all users, including disabled people.Rayleigh Town Council’s website doesn’t comply with the new legislationSo I’ve written to Rayleigh Town Council today to check that they are complying with the regulations as I am a firm believer that all information held in the […]

World Mental Health Day


We all need a bit of ‘headspace’ at times and over the years I’ve found that with working from home, taking our dog for a walk is a good time to collect my thoughts and gives me much needed exercise. If you haven’t got a dog, there’s plenty of opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors […]

Rescue Package For Small Businesses


If like me, you are one of those excluded from support from the Government, please send an email to our MP to support the #ForgottenLtd campaign calling for a rescue package for small businesses. Rescue Package – Open Letter from Gina to MPs/HoLSunday, 13 September 2020·#ForgottenLtd Rescue Package for Small Businesses The#ForgottenLtd campaign represents one […]

Dire Decision For Demolition Of The Mill Hall


Yesterday, The Echo reports that the Vice Chair of Rochford District Council, described the Mill Hall Arts & Crafts centre as ‘dire’. To write-off, this community asset with such contempt astonishes me. If the Council had invested in this building then it would not be ‘dire’ (I don’t think it is) – I would argue […]

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