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Here I write my views/experiences of local democracy in the Rochford District. Once upon a time a District Councillor, I am now a Town Councillor for the Victoria Ward in Rayleigh

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Rayleigh Loses its CCTV

As new data protection laws come into force, GDPR, one service that Rayleigh Town Council was responsible for has now been 'decommissioned' CCTV in our town centre has been all but removed due to the new legislation that would have put demands on the resources of the Town council. Other organisations such as the Chamber of Trade have not as yet asked to take over responsibilit [...]

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Cleaning Up Your Air

You probably won't be aware in our District about 'Clean Air Day' on the 21st June. Our council has been reluctant to promote it and despite me questioning them on their plans I've still not received a response. For years in our district (particularly Rayleigh) we have had illegal levels of air pollution. With little action by the Council to try to reduce it. We continue to s [...]

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Estate Agents on the High St

Anyone that has the misfortune to deal with an Estate Agent will know where I'm coming from with this post. I'm not referencing one particular Estate Agent, but when I visited one in the last 18 months I really felt that this new show draws on some close similarities. https://www.facebook.com/e4inbetweeners/posts/10157222863296037 [...]

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It's now time for me to sit back and watch to see how our new councillor for Sweyne Park & Grange performs over the next 4 years. Watch this space for more information as the new municipal year begins.....     [...]

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Rayleigh has an Unseen Killer on the Loose!

Chances are if you like to shop in Rayleigh or dine al fresco then you're sure to have been 'touched' by Rayleigh's unseen killer. Rayleigh's killer has been active for more than 6 years with the Tory administration failing to act to bring this 'killer' into check for  more than 6 years.Our town's 'killer' spares no one and it's estimated has claimed between in excess of 2 [...]

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Not Such A Sanctuary for Some

On Tuesday night I attended RDC Review Committee. One of the items (which I will post more on shortly), involved Sanctuary. Emma Keegan, MD came under fire from Tory Cllr Shaw for it's poor performance for maintenance of its property portfolio. Silently, I could not avoid agreeing with Cllr Shaw about Sanctuary's lack of responsiveness. Yes I too have had to make multiple attem [...]

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I Wonder How This Will Play Out?

Sometimes it's good to visit a 'site' before you discuss it at a council meeting. So today I wondered along to John Fisher Playground, otherwise known as the Grange playground, to see what sort of state it was in. Sometimes you get that kind of heart sinking moments and this was one of them. Whilst most of the play equipment remained intact, it really is showing it's age and [...]

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