Housing, Homes & Homelessness


Inspired by 100 years of social housing I thought I’d have a look at what we can be proud of here in the Rochford District (or not). Each quarter I receive a report from the housing team at Rochford District Council. I thought it was well worth sharing some of the ‘highlights’ of the report […]

100 Years of Council Housing


I’ve been reading a publication that I received from the Local Government Association and came across an article about the Council housing centenary. It really struck a chord with me how our Council has shamefully neglected our low/middle earners and their housing needs, often priced out of the private rental sector. I was recently speaking […]

Community CCTV


I have recently published my views on CCTV here and this has met with mixed reactions from members of the public. Not one to ruin the party, I propose the concept of a wide network of community manned CCTV cameras. What’s different?Manned CCTV is a different beast to an unmanned system. Live images being monitored […]

Is CCTV A Silver Bullet for Crime in Rayleigh?


I thought it might be useful to clear up any misunderstandings on my view on the current CCTV situation or lack of it. During the last 3 years of my sitting on Rayleigh Town Council, I have been acutely aware of problems with the CCTV system that they had – poor image quality, camera locations […]

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