I am one of your 3 District Councillor's for Sweyne Park & Grange Ward and your Town Councillor for Victoria. Please feel free to contact me about any local issues that are of concern to you using the contact page. I am here to serve the residents and I will work hard to make our community a better place for all.

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  • The Not So Thorny Side of Politics

    It’s may sometimes go unnoticed, but we have a keen army of gardeners at Rayleigh Town Council, who work really hard all year around tending flowerbeds and shrubbery. Our own Cllr Chris Stanley has been out this sunny morning, with his good lady, planting over 100 daff bulbs. Back breaking stuff!

    If you fancy helping out I’m sure Chris would love to see you – he can be contacted at


  • Let’s Get Our Skates On In Rayleigh

    I want to get the Town Council to consider the idea of an Ice Rink in Rayleigh over the Christmas period, but need the support of our residents. I’ve create an e-petition here to collect all those names of residents who will support the idea. Once I reach 1000 signatures I will commit to carrying out a feasibility study to present to the council. Come on residents – let’s all get our skates on!

    We'd like Rayleigh Town Council to consider the idea of an Ice Rink at Christmas


    211 signatures

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  • Consumer Complaints

    I get pretty fed up when I receive bad service or poor quality goods. With the ever increasing costs of everyday living, we should demand that we receive value for money and ‘get what we pay for’

    Today I’ve stumbled upon this website, resolver – it aims to help write good complaints and direct them to the appropriate person.

    Well, I’ve had cause to complain over a very poor meal in a national chain restaurant yesterday. I’ll let you know how I get on. In the meantime if you’ve got cause for complaint then I recommend you check out the website or download the free app.

  • Not Such A Sanctuary for Some

    On Tuesday night I attended RDC Review Committee. One of the items (which I will post more on shortly), involved Sanctuary. Emma Keegan, MD came under fire from Tory Cllr Shaw for it’s poor performance for maintenance of its property portfolio. Silently, I could not avoid agreeing with Cllr Shaw about Sanctuary’s lack of responsiveness. Yes I too have had to make multiple attempts at getting problems resolved with SH. Are we in a unique situation here in Rochford District? I asked my ‘friend’ Google – oh it seems we are are not alone! This post, tells a tale of woe and even takes us in the direction of a dedicated Facebook group.

    Well, if SH are deliver us the promised 500 affordable houses lets hope they do a better job of building them, than it appears they have done of maintaining them.

  • My Idea Has Been Given The Cold Shoulder

    Sometimes I have these crazy thoughts about enhancing success.

    A lot of people strive for success and they want to better themselves. They want to build on what they have achieved. Like buying a house – people move in, you redecorate, you might add a conservatory, you might even build an extension… you want to make it better.

    So recently I took it upon myself in a moment of madness to think about the Rayleigh Christmas lights event could be enhanced. Don’t get me wrong, it’s enjoyed by ALOT of people and has enjoyed incredible success. This year I helped out as a member of Rayleigh Town Council and thoroughly enjoyed my time working alongside my fellow council members, it gave me a new perspective to see how much work goes in to organising such an event. However, back to enhancing….. I thought about the event and it seems we all enjoy the big build up to the light switch on with the stalls and music. Once the lights go on, what happens… everyone goes home! How about this – an ICE RINK? For families to enjoy their special time together, those who don’t want to skate could stand and spectate whilst enjoying hot chocolate, whilst watching Dad grasp to the sides edging his way around tentatively while trying to keep the little ones upright.

    Alas though, it seems my dreams are put on ice – I am met with the opinion of my fellow council members

    This was considered by the Committee but members agreed that we do not have the available space on the event night and RDC would not want car parks used for this purpose.  The KGV field is locked at 5pm

    No investigation into the feasibility…. nothing! Do you share my dreams and hopes? I however will lock these crazy ideas away once more and continue on the journey of stagnation.

    Let me know what you think…

  • A Podcast From Radio 4 on Air Pollution

  • The Real Risk Of Flooding in Rayleigh

    Today I’ve been poking around the Essex County Council website, it’s actually amazing what you find out if you click around for a bit. Some may think it might have been better not to dig around, especially when I came across this page!

    Does anyone know where I can buy an Ark?

    What can I say it’s actually quite scary how many houses in Rayleigh are at risk of flooding. I’ve drilled down on their GIS system and look at this….

    Extent 30

    1 in 30 years Risk of Flooding

    Rayleigh Flood Map

    Rayleigh Flood Map (1 in 30 years)

    So it won’t happen to me right? Well these maps are 1 in 30 years. Seems like the frequency of the chance of flooding is not something we should ignore.

    Personally, Yes I live in the ‘Flood Zone’ – Do I have faith in the council’s flood forum to know something is being done? – Put simply NO! Working as a hydrologist in my former years I’ve seen the devastating power of mother nature and I’m not about to take any risks. I’m taking reasonable steps to protect our home so  I’m off to get some sandbags from Rayleigh Town Council (Yes they offer free sandbags and they are available to all residents).

    My fellow Lib Dem Councillor Chris Stanley, has been actively engaged with ECC to have the ditches and drainage systems along the London Road cleared and maintained and I’m very grateful we’ve got such a proactive Councillor on the case. It would seem they have been neglected for some time!
    Source  – Essex County Council Flood risk and asset register map

  • Cyber Aware

    Don’t Let Your Kids Outsmart You – Be Cyber Aware!

    We often hear residents say that they'd like to see more police on our streets. The reality is resources are limited and the resource they have is spread thinly among many emerging threats. A big shift of their work has moved from being on the beat to 'patrolling' the internet.

    Whilst of course the internet has brought many positives to our everyday lives, the threats to our communities have also increased. You can do your bit to help by simply getting yourself and your family educated about the internet. does a very job ​of explaining the dangers you and your family could face and I highly recommended having a browse around their site.


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